2019 What a Year!

Carol & Paul Tansley - on their wedding day

Carol & Paul on their wedding day in Tuscany – photo by D2 Tuscany Wedding Photographers

We got married!

2019 started with us planning our own wedding day. What a strange thing that was! After working in the wedding industry for so long and then shooting weddings for the last 10 years, it was a very odd feeling to be organising our own big day. I guess we’re lucky, we had a head start on most couples. We knew exactly what we didn’t want for our day – all we then had to do was to figure out what we did want! Everything fell into place quite quickly, and we exchanged vows in June in Certaldo, a tiny medieval hilltop village in Tuscany. A beautiful, relaxed and fun day!

We changed our company name!

In celebration of our marriage, we changed our company name. Now that Carol was my wife, we truly were The Tansleys. So why not just call ourselves Tansley Photography. We’d wanted to re-brand for years, but we knew what an upheaval that is, updating the website, branding, and practically starting over. But we wanted a brand that better represented us, as a couple. The result is something that now, almost a whole year on, we are really happy with. And going forwards will be easy and fun to develop as it truly reflects us.

We shot lots of amazing weddings!

At the end of each year we like to create a slideshow of some of our favourite wedding images, from all the weddings we shot during that year. It’s always so tricky and takes a few weeks of choosing, finalising, and editing, editing, editing till we’re both really happy with it. But at the end, wow, even we are stunned by what we’ve achieved over the past 12 months. This year’s slideshow is so uplifting and tear jerking too, it really has got all the feels! A massive thank you to all our amazing 2019 couples and their families that feature in this slideshow and allowed us to be part of a day that’s one of the most important of their lives. Allowing us to work so closely and trust us, is a key part of how we create these stunning images and we can’t thank our couples enough to put their faith in us and let us do what we do best.

We won more awards!

The year started with a Fearless Photographers Award! These are harder to win than just about any other award. So many great photographers enter, so we were over the moon to pick up our 2nd lifetime award. However, things got even better, when we entered the same image into the ISPWP (international society of wedding photographers) where it won 1st place in the Kids will be Kids section. This placed it in the top 60 wedding images in the world in 2019. Amazing! Eleven WPJA awards (Wedding Photojournalist Association), Three NineDots awards and our first This is Reportage award (another mega hard one to win). Wow!

We also won the runner up spot, in the Wedding Industry Awards (South Central Region) for the 3rd year in a row. We were a bit sad that we didn’t win this year. However, consistency is everything. The winner for the last thee years has been different every year and the margin of difference between winning and coming second is so slim. So consistently coming in second place is pretty darn good. It’s so great to look back on things. The year passes so fast, that we actually forget ourselves to appreciate what we’ve achieved. Here’s to 2020, let it be another fantastic year.

Carol & Paul

WPJA Award by Tansley PhotographyWPJA Award by Tansley PhotographyWPJA Award by Tansley PhotographyWPJA Award by Tansley PhotographyWPJA Award by Tansley PhotographyWPJA Award by Tansley PhotographyWPJA Award by Tansley PhotographyWPJA Award by Tansley PhotographyWPJA Award by Tansley PhotographyWPJA Award by Tansley PhotographyThis is Reportage Award by Tansley PhotographyNineDots Award by Tansley PhotographyNineDots Award by Tansley Photography

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