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Say hello to Edward, our beautiful boy.

We are Carol & Paul Tansley, a couple that love animals and nature. Our family consists of Edward our cat and five beautiful chickens! We lived in London for fifteen years but longed to live among trees and fields, so we upped-sticks twelve years ago to a little house in a small Hampshire village surrounded by woodland. We love being connected to the outdoors and seeing the seasons change – we love snow (and skiing), sunshine, Christmas, good red wine, a big gin and tonic (or two), large bowls of pasta, good design, photography and pictures that tell a story. We’d love to get to know you and tell the story of your big day.

We both come from a fashion magazine background and met 25 years ago on a photo shoot in San Diego. We moved in together shortly after we met and haven’t been apart since and finally last year I popped the question and we’re to be married in June this year.

We love travel and have been fortunate to visit many parts of the world while working in the fashion industry. Paul has over 20 years experience as a professional photographer, having previously shot high-end fashion in London, he now exclusively shoots weddings. Carol is a talented and creative art director and photographer and was previously the Art Director of Wedding Magazine. Our experience in weddings goes way beyond just photographing them.


We're Paul & Carol


We don't like having our picture taken. Nearly all of our photos are selfies and most of those are when we are on holiday together. I always love it when couples tell us they don't like having their picture taken either. Who does? It's not normal to be in front of a camera, unless you're a model or an actress. I've shot many models in my previous life as a fashion photographer and I can only remember one out of hundreds who actually enjoyed having her picture taken. Most people don't.

Fortunately, when we shoot weddings, we do so in such a way that you will barely know we are there. My main cameras are actually 100% silent. Carol's still on a very quiet click, but will hopefully be changing over to full silent this year too. My cameras make no noise at all when that shutter goes and I rarely use flash, so you won't even know when I'm taking pictures. But you can bet that I'm taking lots. I want to capture the perfect moment, the peak moment. The more relaxed you are, with us being there, the less you are thinking about the photos, the more real your moments will be. Unposed moments, Natural moments.

Carol and Paul - Skiing
Our Chickens 2019

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