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Dillington House Wedding Photographer

Dillington House Wedding | Niamh & Yasser

Niamh and Yasser’s beautiful summer wedding at Dillington House was a very special day for us to shoot. Their wedding was a unique blend of Irish-Egyptian traditions. Lots of fun, laughter and happiness, with a ceilidh and traditional Irish folk band. Even the dark skies and a touch of rain couldn’t spoil the happy atmosphere and those dark skies furthermore added to the beauty of some of the images.

This was our first time shooting a wedding at Dillington House in Somerset. We really enjoyed our day there. It’s a very stylish wedding venue. Set on a huge country estate surrounded by countryside, it’s a beautiful old house, with grand reception rooms, a lovely bridal prep room, the stunning orangery and a really interesting room for the meal, with lots of great features that shine through in the photos. We are very much looking forward  to shooting there again. It really was lovely venue to celebrate a wedding day.


Dillington House Wedding Photographer Stylish Wedding Photography

Dillington House Wedding Photographer

Dillington House Wedding Photographer

Surrey Wedding Photographer Paul Tansley is available to shoot weddings all over Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex and surrounding counties (including parts of Somerset). If you are getting married at Dillington House why not contact us and see if we are available to shoot your wedding day.

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Do I need one photographer or two at my wedding? It’s only a small wedding. I often get asked that question and it’s a hard one to answer. One good photographer is far better than two not so good photographers. So having two isn’t the answer always. Start with one good one. Then, if your budget allows, think about adding a second. This wedding was shot with Carol my ultra talented partner. Certain images simply wouldn’t have been possible if she hadn’t of been there. At the start of the ceremony, I was able to concentrate on Yasser from the front of the Orangery, while Carol walked with Niamh and her father around the front of the house. So, you get that beautiful story telling element of seeing bride and father in the last minutes before the ceremony and still get pictures of the bridesmaids walking into the ceremony. That’s very hard to do when you’re shooting solo.

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