Horsley Park Wedding Photographer

Horsley Park Wedding Photographer

Sarah & John | Horsley Estate Wedding

 A wet, windy day in February saw us at Sarah & John’s winter wedding. Sarah got ready at her parents home before making her way to St. Peters Church in Chertsey where her groom John was eagerly awaiting her arrival. The sun finally made an appearance during the ceremony, which is always a challenge to a photographer, as when you are shooting during the ceremony you obviously cannot control where the light falls! Fortunately, it created a lovely pool of light on the couple and mixed with the fabulous emotion in Sarah’s face really makes these images shine.

After the service, Sarah and John had the unique experience of exiting the church through a celebration arch of brooms and shovels! The church was the main hub for flood protection activity in Chertsey that month (Britain’s February Floods), so these guys were all working close by and wanted to do something special for the couple. You certainly don’t get to see that at most weddings.

The reception was held at Horsley Estate in Surrey which is always a lovely venue to photograph, the little chapel is a very unique place with a special atmosphere which really lends itself to capturing intimate portraits. Horsley Park, is a good choice for winter weddings when the weather doesn’t always allow for couple pictures outside, there are lots of stunning locations indoors.

Horsley Park Winter Wedding

Wedding Flowers White and MauveBridal PrepsBridal Preps Makeup and hairBridal PrepsWedding Dress hanging in window black and whiteWedding Dress detail shot in colourBridal preps final touchesBridal Prep wedding dress tying reflected in mirrorBridal Preps wedding dress tiesWedding Dress detail shot black and whiteWedding Dress back detail, black and whiteCandid bridal portraitBride walking down stairs to meet fatherProud Dad seeing Bride in wedding dress for the first timeSt. Peters Church in ChertseyWedding Invitations detail shot in black and whiteGuests arriving at wedding St. Peters Church in ChertseyUshers at wedding St. Peters Church in ChertseyUshers at wedding St. Peters Church in ChertseyAnxious groom wedding at St. Peters Church in ChertseyBride and father arrive wedding carLaughing groom awaits bride?pp route=%2Fimage resize&path=%3D%3DwZwpmLyQzM30CNy0SeoBXYyd2b09GaQ1yZulGZkV2VtUGdhR3cF1yayFGUtkXZsNncvh0L0N3bw1iN3cTMtUTMvQDMvQTMwIjf&width=768Nervous groom final few minutes of 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Photography?pp route=%2Fimage resize&path=%3D%3DwZwpmL5QDOy0CN10SeoBXYyd2b09GaQ1yZulGZkV2VtUGdhR3cF1yayFGUtkXZsNncvh0L0N3bw1iN3cTMtUTMvQDMvQTMwIjf&width=768?pp route=%2Fimage resize&path=%3D%3DwZwpmL5MDOy0SN10SeoBXYyd2b09GaQ1yZulGZkV2VtUGdhR3cF1yayFGUtkXZsNncvh0L0N3bw1iN3cTMtUTMvQDMvQTMwIjf&width=768?pp route=%2Fimage resize&path=%3D%3DwZwpmL1QDOy0iN10SeoBXYyd2b09GaQ1yZulGZkV2VtUGdhR3cF1yayFGUtkXZsNncvh0L0N3bw1iN3cTMtUTMvQDMvQTMwIjf&width=768?pp route=%2Fimage resize&path=%3D%3DwZwpmL0cDOy0yN10SeoBXYyd2b09GaQ1yZulGZkV2VtUGdhR3cF1yayFGUtkXZsNncvh0L0N3bw1iN3cTMtUTMvQDMvQTMwIjf&width=768?pp route=%2Fimage resize&path=%3D%3DwZwpmLwETOy0CO10SeoBXYyd2b09GaQ1yZulGZkV2VtUGdhR3cF1yayFGUtkXZsNncvh0L0N3bw1iN3cTMtUTMvQDMvQTMwIjf&width=768?pp route=%2Fimage resize&path=%3D%3DwZwpmLzITOy0CM20SeoBXYyd2b09GaQ1yZulGZkV2VtUGdhR3cF1yayFGUtkXZsNncvh0L0N3bw1iN3cTMtUTMvQDMvQTMwIjf&width=768Horsley Park Estate Wedding Photography 59 3120(pp w768 h511)?pp route=%2Fimage 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Horsley Estate Wedding Photographer

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Horsley Park (also known as Horsley Estate) is now part of the De Vere group. Horsley Towers and the surrounding grounds can be hired for exclusive use for your wedding day. It can accommodate up to 120 guests for wedding breakfasts ad up to 250 guests for evening receptions. The hotel has 180 rooms. You can find out more about the venue on their website.

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