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Royal Berkshire Hotel Wedding

Images We Love – The Headless Bride

One of my personal favourite images from 2014 of Andrea dancing the night away at her wedding with her new husband Darren. They had just finished their first dance and were onto a 2nd more lively dance and Darren & Andrea really knew how to dance, it was a joy to watch them. Good wedding photographers are always alert and on the lookout for things happening that might make great images, so when Andrea’s dress started to swirl around as Darren span her we were poised and ready to capture a few frames on each turn. There are many other frames of them dancing that night, but this one particularly stands out to me. I’ve used it before in another blog post about cropping off people’s heads in an image (done deliberately in this case – framed in the camera, not in post production). It’s a great example of making an image that is all about the wedding dress, the shoes and the dance. It has other elements that make the viewer realise that it was not set up, but is at a real wedding, it’s a real moment in time. It’s in B&W to remove any distractions from the scene, creating B&W images is a conscious decision done for very good reasons, it is not a random choice. The B&W accentuates the light on the dress, the legs and the shoes and makes them all the centre of attention for the viewer, which is precisely where I want the viewer to look. The edges are darkened slightly for exactly the same reason, I want enough detail still there for the eye to realise it’s a room full of people, but I don’t need to see them fully, they would simply distract from the main point of focus. For the technical folk, there are 6 burn masks on this image, each doing a subtle job of directing the viewers eye, plus many other tweaks of various settings in Lightroom to bring out the best from the image.



Photographer – Paul Tansley
Camera – Canon 5D mk3
Lens – Canon 24-70mm f2.8 mk2
Focal Length 28mm
Exposure 1/350 @ f2.8  ISO 5000

Royal Berkshire Hotel, Sunninghill, Ascot, Berkshire

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