Outdoor Wedding |Walled Garden Cowdray

Outdoor Wedding Walled Garden Cowdray

Outdoor Wedding at the Walled Garden, Cowdray

Flora & Toby’s wedding took place on a beautiful sun filled day in August, the perfect type of day for an outdoor wedding at the Walled Garden Cowdray. Although we’ve shot at the Walled Garden a few times over the years, this was our first time shooting the ceremony in the stunning gardens there, so we were very excited to see how it would work for our images. Bridal preps. took place locally at the Park House Hotel, a stunning wedding venue in it’s own right – Park House Hotel. I’m really looking forward to shooting the wedding I have booked there in June.

Flora appeared quite nervous early on, which isn’t surprising, it’s a big day for anyone getting married. Plus having two photographers turn up and start photographing you is always going to be a jolt to your normal routine. However, as I say to all of my brides, part of the bridal preparation is getting used to the photographers being there. That way, after 20 minutes or so, you become totally used to us and start forgetting that we are even there. That means for the rest of the day, you are natural and relaxed in the photos, because you’ve forgotten we’re even taking pictures.

A short drive over to the Walled Gardens where we got some shots of the guests enjoying a fine hot day on the lawn. As usual Carol was able to stay with Flora and capture some lovely images of the flower girls and bridesmaid, while I concentrated on Toby. The ceremony itself took place under the dedicated covered area at the far end of the lawns. Under UK law an outdoor wedding ceremony has to be under a licensed shelter – it cannot be in the open air. One day I hope that might change. At least Toby and his best man had some shelter from the hot sun.

This is a wedding shot with two photographers – Carol and myself. Many of the images of Toby waiting at the altar and Flora waiting to walk down the aisle simply wouldn’t be possible with one photographer. Those special moments happen in a fraction of a second and you have to be there to see them. Running between both parties wouldn’t have given the same blend of pictures. This is only a small selection of images from their special day.


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Outdoor Wedding – Walled Garden Cowdray

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For more information about the walled garden: Walled Garden Cowdray
Wedding Dress from Miss Bush, Surrey
Hair by  Sharon Roberts – Wonderful Wedding Hair

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