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How to Make your Website Faster

Photographers have two main choices with their websites:

1/ You can bury your head in the sofa and try not to think about it….
2/ You can learn how to make your website faster

I’m Paul Tansley a UK wedding photographer who is also part nerd/geek. I’ve spent the last few years digging in my own website trying to work out why it runs so slowly. I don’t trust other people much, I’ve always been hands on and preferred to do things myself if I can. Whether that be building a wall, plumbing, electrics or working on my website. I’m hands on. If I don’t know how to do something, I research it and learn. I still don’t know everything, far from it. But I try and find out the people that do and I latch on to them, follow them, listen to their advice etc.

Will I Speed up your Website?

No, I won’t, but you will, with my help and guidance.

I’m a great believer in learning to do things yourself. The reason is, speeding up your website, in a similar way to SEO of your website is something that you should understand. It doesn’t have to become an obsession. But understanding the basics means you will be in a far better position to adapt in the future to any changes that happen. You install a new plugin and your site slows dow. Do you really want to be paying someone to fix that – or would it not be better to understand what to test, how to look for things that might be slowing down your site and learn how to easily fix them.

Do I need any experience?

Nope. So long as you know how to log into your wordpress site (I can even show you how if necessary), then we can go from there. My advice is mainly based on certain plugins that certain website testing methods, that will enable you to speed up your website in the easiest way possible. With reproducible and testable results.

Topics Covered

How to test your website speed properly
Core Web Vitals and why they are so important
How to avoid common mistakes
How to test your hosting company’s speed
What plugins actually work to increase speed and why they work
How to keep on top of things in the future

How to Speed up your Website

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